Monthly Selectmen and Committee Mtg. Minutes


11/6/2013 - In attendance:  Rob Wilpan, Dan Bierman, Sr., Craig Clement, Esther Clement, Joey Clark, Dwayne Clement
Guests:  John Fuhrman, Bob Gilman, Terry Noyes
Approved minutes from last meeting.
John Fuhrman in about FEME flood maps and also about Fuller Road
Reviewed correspondence.
Signed disbursement warrant.

11/20//2013 - In attendance:  Rob Wilpan, Dan Bierman, Sr., Craig Clement, Esther Clement, Joey Clark and Dwayne Clement.
Guests: Terry Noyes and Bob Gilman
Approved minutes from last meeting.
Landowner adjacent to town owned shoreland property had a plan developed by a licensed forester to manage vegetation on shoreline to bring it to a healthy state.  The Selectmen voted unanimously to accept the plan as written.  This forester will be commissioned to provide a trimming plan for the rest of the town owned shoreline at a later date.
Received thank you ntoes for donations from Hospice of Hancock County, Eastern Maine Home Care, and Community Health and Counseling Services.
Reviewed correspondence.
Signed disbursement warrant.

(as available)

Sorrento Code Enforecement Officer/Shreland Zoning Officer-- John Fuhrman, 963-2362
Permits issued in November:  

REMINDER:  As of January 1, 2013 all contractors doing soil work in the shore land must have State Certification and must furnish a copy to code enforecment for every shore land project.

Sorrento Community Building Committee
--No report submitted this month--

Sorrento Harbor Committee
--No report submitted this month--

From Coastal Recycling (Sorrento Director-Austin Wilpan)
Minutes for October 8, 2013
Call to order - 7:20PM.
Welcome to Daniel Hodgkins as the  new representative from Hancock.
Secretary's Report for July 10, 2013 was approved:  
Treasurer's Report:  Helen Gordon reported that we have $22,164.98 in the checking account and $115,104.42 in the savings account and accounts receivables of $10,079.08.  Reprot approved.
Plant Manager's  Report:  Joyce presented the Profit & Loss Report for the period July 1 through September 13, 2013 and the A/R Aging Summary as of 9/30/13.  Report approved.
Old Business:  Joyce presented the Board with draft job descriptions for the Plant Manager's position and the Position 1.  Discussion was postponed to the November meeting.   The plant will be closed November 28, 29 and 30 in observance of Thanksgiving.
New Business:  Joyce presented the Audit Report for the year ended June 30, 2013.  Discussion postponed to next meeting.  David has asked the Board to discuss the possibility of expanding the plastics recycling to include #1 and #s 3 to 7.  There was considerable discussion of the topic.  Because David could not attend today's meeting it was decided to continue this item to the next meeting.  Board decided to change the meeting time from 4:15PM to 4:00PM.
Meeting adjourned at 5:20PM.
Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 4:00PM in the Sullivan Town Hall Meeting Room.

June -  Complaints-4; summons issued-2; Convictions-1; Warnings to commercial diggers-0; Warnings to recreational diggers-0; Hours worked-215

The month of June has been very busy.  We finished up all of the conservation events; also I did a couple of extra seeding events so the last few guys that needed hours could get them to renew their licenses.  We have 2 guys that won't be renewing their licenses because they didn't complete the required 12 hours.  At our monthly clam committee meeting we drafted a letter for each commercial digger to sign, which basically states that there will be a certain amount of conservation work events and it's the digger's responsibility to find out when and where they will be held and that there will not be any extra events for those who don't get their hours at the scheduled events.  I have been watching the closed areas that will be opening on July 1 very close so no one gets a jump on the other diggers.  There were a couple of complaints about people digging the Lamoine side of Jordan River which is closed until July 1.  I walked all of this area from Boulder cove to Old Point and saw no sign of any recent commercial digging.  I did see some spot digging that was probably recreational diggers or worm diggers.  I sat on this area many nights just to make sure.  I issued 2 summonses at the Trenton Landing, one for harvesting clams without a town license and 1 for digging over the amount that a recreational license allows.  I also had a trial for harvesting clams in a closed area.  The offender pleaded guilty.  Convicted $300. fine.  There has been a lot more recreational diggers this month and most of them are respecting our conservation areas by not digging in them.  We talked about making it a law that recreational diggers aren't allowed to dig in our closed areas and also that they could not dig at night. These were supposed to go in front of the joint board for approval.  Other than a couple of complaints this month, everyone is obeying the rules and being respectful to the properties and the residents.
Michael A. Hall
Frenchman Bay Regional Shellfish Warden