Announcements (Updated As Needed)

Please submit items by the 23rd of the month to Esther Clement, Sorrento Town Office, 79 Pomola Avenue, Sorrento, ME 04677-3126 or fax 207-422-3737.


The Town Office will be closed on the following dates: 

Wednesday, January 1 - Happy New Year!

If there is need of an unexpected closing, notice will be posted and it will be on the telephone message, when possible.

It is that time of year again -- if there is a snow/storm that man nor beast should be out in, please call the Town office to be sure the office is open.  The office may be closed for the day or may be delayed in opening while waiting for plowing, shoveling and salting to be completed.

Fly the flag:

January 1 - New Year's Day


The January 1 regular Selectmen's meeting will be changed to Wednesday, January 8, 2014.



Click here to print and fill out paperwork and then submit to the Town Office or mail it in to:

SVFD Auxiliary
79 Pomola Ave.
Sorrento, ME  04677-3126

Before January 31, 2014 so we can meet our deadline.  Thank you!
"STURGE" a memoir edited and with an introduction by Sanford Phippen
For more information on ordering:  STURGE:  A MEMOIR
please contact:  Sanford Phippen, 566 Eastside Road, Hancock, ME 04640
422-3993 email:

Foster homes are badly needed for cats until they are adopted or put in an available humane society.  Please call Marie at 460-8920 or 266-5027 if you have any questions about this.  The P.A.W. newsletter that you can pick up at the Sorrento or Sullivan town offices will give you information on some of the cats being fostered and looking for a home.


For those of you have been waiting for FairPoint to expand their broadband in town, it has finally happened. To find out if you are eligible for FairPoint's high-speed internet and to obtain information about prices and bundled plans, residential consumers can call 1-866-984-2001 and 1-866-984-3001 for businesses or visit

FairPoint has expanded broadband service to an additional 80 homes and businesses in Sorrento.

High-speed connection areas include portions of the following roads in Sorrento:  Andrews, Bass Cove, Bunker, Eyrie, Fred's Way, JB, Ledgewood, Ober, Pomola, East Side and Treasure Island.


Any Sorrento property owners who own shoreland here in Sorrento may come in to pick up this handbook. For any differences between this handbook and the Sorrento Shoreland Ordinance, the Sorrento Shoreland Ordinance overrides the handbook.
A copy of the Sorrento Shoreland Ordinance can be purcahsed for $5 or you can just look at a copy in the office if you do not wish to purchase one.

THE 2012 PROPERTY TAXES were due January 25, 2013.  Interest on unpaid 2012 property taxes began on January 26, 2013.

The liens on the unpaid 2012 property taxes was begun in October 2013.  Liens will be placed on the unpaid properties 30 days from the mailing of the lien notice.

The liens on the 2011 unpaid property taxes have been recorded at the Hancock Registry of Deeds.  Mortgage holders have been notified.  These taxes will be due August 2014.  



Beginning December 5, you may put your trash bags (each with a trash sticker) without being in  trash cans for pick up, as per our Sorrento ordinance in the winter months.   Don't forget that if you do this, there is the chance of animals or birds getting into your trash bags and it is your responsibility to clean it up.

Get your trash out early!
Each trash bag must have a Sorrento trash sticker on it - bags without stickers will not be picked up.  Put the bags in trash cans (other than as stated above for winter).  Per our contract with Harris Disposal, the trash bags are not to exceed 40 pounds in weight when full.  If something - a bird, animal, whatever - gets into your trash bags and scatters your trash, you are responsible for the cleanup - nor Harris.

PLEASE NOTE - If a Thursday is a holiday, Harris will do the trash pick up on Friday.  

Curbside Recycling Pick up on Thursdays

The months of October through June will have curbside recycling pick up only the 4th Thursday of those months.
The months of July through September have pick ups the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of those months.

2014 Dog Licenses are due January 1, 2014.  Dogs must be licensed January 1 or when they reach 6 months of age.

A list of unlicensed dogs will be given to the Animal Control Officer.


All 2013 Boat Registrations expired on December 31, 2013.  Most of the 2014 boat registration renewals (those registered after July 1, 2013 will not have renewals sent to this office so please bring your 2013 registrations with you when you come in to do your 2014 renewals) have been received from the State by this office.  

Also, if you own a DOCUMENTED BOAT there is no yearly registration fee.  But there is a yearly boat excise fee (for which you are issued a boat excise sticker-similar to a boat registrations sticker), payable to the town.  This documented boat excise fee is due within 10 days of operation on State waters, or prior to July 1st of each year.  

When you come in to pay your boat excise tax, please bring your documentation certificate with you.  There will also be a Documented Boat Excise Tax Form for you to fill out.  One can be sent to you if you call and let this office know.

Please take note:  Whether you register your boat(s) and get registration stickers, or your boat is documented and you only get excise stickers, these stickers need to be put on the boat, in the correct areas. THIS IS STATE LAW.  



Please call the Town Office if you are interested in one of the following.

PLANNING BOARD - 3 positions open (of 5 member board)Planning Board members are:  Elisabeth Heyward and Gerald Mehl. We need a minimum of 3 members for a working Planning Board.  We are looking for 3 more memers for the Planning Board so that we have the complete Board of 5 members.

Sorrento Representative to the Hancock County Planning Commission
1 position on the Harbor Committee (to complete the time left by the late Buddy Trundy)
2 positions on the Appeals Board

This program has been repealed and replaced by a Refundable Property Tax Fairness Credit that can be clamed on the Maine Income Tax Form.  Starting January 14, 2014 on the 2013 Maine Individual Income Tax Form 1040ME, a worksheet will be included to calculate the amount of the credit.
HOMEOWNERS OR RENTERS WILL BE ELIGIBLE WHO MEET ALL OF THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS:  Residents during any part of the tax year; owned or rented and lived in a home in Maine during any part of the tax year; had Maine adjusted gross income of not more than $40,000; paid property tax on a home during the tax year that was more than 10% of your adjusted gross income, or paid rent that was more than 40% of your adjusted gross income.
Forms can be downloaded from the following website:
or call 624-7894 to request a form.  Questions??? Call 626-8475